Chakra-Mandala Art Workshop Feb. 7 & 8


I am co-presenting a workshop with fellow Irving Art Association member Noopur Agarwal next year. Last September we did our first together “Journey into Heart” Intuitive Art Workshop.

New Year , New Energies, New workshop !!

“Chakra-Mandala Art Workshop”

February 7 & 8, 2015
Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, Irving, TX
Register Now to Avail Early Bird Discount !!

Once again Spiritual & Intuitive Artist Noopur & Mixed Media Artist Sharon Giles collaborate together to bring you this Unique experience of Chakra & Mandala Art to help release blockages, enhance energy balance & creativity and more…

Mandala” is spiritual Meditation tool from ancient wisdom representing, wholeness, Harmony and Balance of Universe , drawn as a circular art-form for artistic expression of the soul.

Chakras” are the energy centers within our body; balancing them helps cure ailments and enhance holistic Health.

In this relaxed workshop conducted with guided  meditations and soothing Music, learn to connect with energies of your Chakras to paint a beautiful Mandala and know the meaning wisdom that this circle holds for you.

Beginning of the Year is a perfect time to learn about and create a personal Mandala, combining these two powerful concepts of ancient wisdom.
Join us to create & explore an Intuitive Mandala in a relaxing & supporting environment.
Give yourself a Gift of this Mini retreat of art & healing !!

Early Bird Discount Ends Dec 14 2014, Register Now !!

Previous art experience is not needed in order to benefit from this art &
Healing workshop. Be open to explore and experience!!

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