IAA’s Open Art Night Exhibit


Our Open Art Night group at the Irving Art Association (IAA) meets two Friday evenings a month at the Jaycee Park Center for the Arts in Irving. It’s free and we work on group projects – either artsy or craftsy. Volunteers lead the group and we have accumulated a lot of finished work, so we decided to hold an exhibit. No fees, no prizes, just for fun. For more about the exhibit, see http://irvingartassociation.org/2015/03/open-art-night-exhibit-reception-march-15/


the book folded

I have several pieces in the exhibit – one is a “meandering book’ with cat images and a poem “Old Cat” I wrote about my cat Flora. It’s done on squares of canvas paper sewn together in a pattern that allows the book to be folded into a square.


the cover

here's half of the spread

here’s half of the spread of “Old Cat”

Another of the projects was to take our gelli prints that we created (monotypes made using a gelli or gelatin plate) and add collage to them. So I picked out three either failed or uninspiring prints to finish with collage elements.

Bubble Blooms

Bubble Blooms

Sun to the Flame (diptych)

Sun to the Flame (diptych)

The last project that I’m exhibiting is one where we traced our hands and created art projects from the mask. Here is one of the pieces I created (using old book paper, black construction paper and hand marbled paper that I had purchased.)

Catching Blutterflies

Catching Blutterflies

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    • I will have a free basic class on gelli printing in October and follow-up fee based advanced classes in November.

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