CATS CATS CATS – new video of my artwork

Hello, I’m back again!

“Foxy Kitty” monotype in Akua inks on paper

This year I have devoted myself to learning new virtual skills, particularly creating art videos for my Youtube channel. I’ve learned first how to create slideshows in iPhoto and iMovie, and I’ve mastered the basics of how to use iMovie to create content on Youtube. This is actually my second video.

Check out my new Youtube channel SHARON GILES ART and subscribe! It’s free.. My goal is to add a new video every week!

A portion of my artwork focuses on my love for animals, particularly cats. I have been fascinated with cats since I was very young — had my first official pet at age five, a Burmese-Siamese cat named Tanny (an appropriately descriptive name.) My father was a cat fancier with a cattery named Re-Ru, after my mother and my father. Unfortunately, he sold my cat and broke my heart, but we had plenty of other cats so I never lacked in that department. (I forgave him since he gave me $15 as my money from the sale!)

The video includes most of my cat art, but not every piece since not all art that I create is worth sharing. Yes, we all have those. The art was created in a range of media, since I have explored many over the years. Most are acrylic, but there are representatives of Suminagashi, watercolor, gelli printing and other printmaking. marbling, and mixed media.