About sharongilesart

A former medical librarian and online researcher, I have always been interested in art. There's two major parts to my life: the artistic side and the techie side. ​ My artistic training includes basic courses in college and local classes with with prominent artists: Cecy Turner, Naomi Brotherton, Maureen Brouillette, etc, Plus numerous workshops with local and nationally-known artists. ​ My art interests include water media, collage, mixed media, marbling and printmaking (usually with a gelli plate.) I've also experimented with oils, encaustics, and pastels. I've taught classes and workshops in my major interests. ​ I've been awarded Signature Status from the Society of Watercolor Artists, Southwestern Watercolor Society, and the Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition. My artwork has also won numerous awards in local competitions. ​ My artwork has been on exhibit in such venues as the Trinity Arts Guild Gallery, Fort Worth Central Library, UNT Health Science Center Atrium Gallery, Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, the Grapevine Convention and Visitors Center Gallery, Irving Arts Center, the Eisemann Center Gallery, and many others. ​ As a librarian, I was fortunate to be immersed in information technology from the beginning of the digital age. I worked primarily as a database searcher for libraries in the University of Texas System: Southwestern Medical Center and UT Arlington. When the internet age dawned, I taught basic HTML to help people create web pages.Then over time, I replaced coding wth more sophisticated front ends for programming (like Wordpress). ​ I'm currently the webmaster (along with Nancy Friedel) for ArtNewsDFW.com, a visual arts resource for the North Texas area. The website is devoted to news of art events hosted by nonprofit visual art groups in the North Texas area plus news about local artists. Find out about exhibits, meetings, art instruction, art festivals, and opportunities for artists. You can also subscribe to daily or weekly email newsletters for free. We also have a Facebook page, a Facebook group and a Twitter feed (@artnewsdfw). I am the longtime webmaster for the Irving Art Association. I have also provided web support for the Society of Watercolor Artists in Fort Worth, the Southwestern Watercolor Society in Dallas and Texas Visual Art Association (TVAA) in Dallas.

More Cat Paintings finished and on exhibit too

As illustrated in my last post, I created a black cat-based gelli print/painting in a Zoom session with my granddaughter Kaiya. This inspired me to continue on with my cat theme. Again I used cat-shaped masks along with stencils to create acrylic prints with my gelli plate. These were further enhanced by painting areas that needed further tweaking or development. All of these creations reflect my interest in luxuriant color, simple shapes and repeating patterns.

So now I have a series of three finished. In September & October they were exhibited in Irving Art Association’s annual Animal Art Awards Exhibit. Now they have moved to MainStages222 in downtown Irving (222 E. Irving Blvd.), where they will be on view for six months. If you are interested in purchasing, contact me at sharongiles@gmail.com

So here’s the series (all are done on wc paper mounted on canvas):

Ghost in the Machine acrylic 12×16 $225

Cat Totem acrylic 16×12 $225

House Panthers acrylic 12×16 $225

Black Cats and Gelli Printing – More art adventures with Kaiya

I am continuing to work remotely with my granddaughter via Zoom. This art adventure is based on gelli printing or printmaking using a gel plate, of which Kaiya has already mastered the basics. This time I decided to honor Kaiya’s two black shorthair cats who are the masters of their household in Olympia.

So I created several masks of the shapes of black cats and vases and sent the file to Kaiya’s mother. She printed them out so that Kaiya could use them also. We used these masks to create simple compositions of interiors. Basically the division between foreground and background was defined by using masking tape on the paper. The masks along with patterned stencils were created the scene via gelli printing. This method is related in concept to negative painting, since the first layer printed was solid black, which formed the basis for the black cats, vases and baseboards, as well as the background to everything else. Details like the cat eyes were added by brush.

I think our results are just beautiful! The one done with peacock colors is mine; Kaiya chose fall colors.