Watercolor & Lines – Art adventures with Kaiya

The pandemic has limited our traveling and I have missed my time with my young granddaughter Kaiya, who lives in a state over a thousand miles away. Along came Zoom with many possibilities for virtual family time, and we are now taking advantage of it. It’s not as good as being there, but we can still do creative things together.

So we are having Artsy Time a couple of times a month. Kaiya is already a wonderful artist, and anything she learns, she takes and puts her own creative vision on it.

For the last couple of sessions, we have been inspired by a wonderful YouTube artist Creations CeeCee. She works with watercolor and a variety of pens, and her designs are simple, beautiful, and graphic.

For our first foray into watercolor & pens, we tackled a simple vase of flowers in a vase. The design of the flowers is flat, but they are enhanced with lines made by Posca paint pens — gold lines around the flowers, and white lines on the vase, plus white dots in the floral centers.

Kaiya’s flowers in a vase
Sharon’s flowers and vase

For our next art adventure, we did watercolor mountains with lines. Again just simple landforms with decorative striping and gold accents.

Kaiya’s mountains
Sharon’s mountains

As you can probably tell, I like my color bold and bright, and Kaiya likes hers serene and pastel. (Maybe my aging vision has something to do with this, hah.)

What will be our next art adventure? Stay tuned! Plus I’ll try to catch up with our past creations too.

2014 Christmas Crafts Workshops

Each year the Irving Art Association participates in “Christmas Card Workshops” for children at the Irving Arts Center. We do a number of Christmas-themed crafts besides the cards, including face painting, ATCs, and prints. This year I bought the materials for making wrapping paper and this was a big hit. Last Christmas and this year, I did gelli plate prints using tempera paint with the kids. This year Linda Shotwell assisted me. We used holiday-themed masks that I had created and stencils we had purchased. Lots of fun!

The workshops are held on the Open House on the first Friday in December, plus the next three Saturdays. Unfortunately the Great Ice Storm of 2013 cancelled the party for the first weekend. I did make the second Saturday workshop, but the flu struck me down for the last workshop. So here are photos from the only one I participated in:

Linda gelli-printing

Linda gelli-printing

Junanne Peck teaching ATCs
Junanne Peck teaching ATCs

Susan Murray assisting with creating wrapping papr
Susan Murray assisting with creating wrapping papr