Welcome to my new artist’s website

As an art webmaster for several local art societies in the Dallas- Fort Worth area, I quickly became a fan of the WordPress frontend. It’s flexibility, ease-of-use, great templates, and many advanced capabilities make it a great choice for an artist’s website, gallery and blog all in one. It’s also won the popularity contest for blog software, so there’s more development for it than any other.

I will be building my website in the next few months and will recount my adventures in art webmastering as well as loading content devoted to my art. So expect changes, and don’t be surprised if everything is different the next time you browse. You can follow my art blog by subscribing by email — just click on the Follow button on right.

Meanwhile, check out Art News DFW. It’s an art news site for the North Texas area targeted to artists and art lovers. Everything you need to know — artist opportunities, exhibits, festivals, instruction, meetings, etc. I’m the webmaster in conjunction with Nancy Friedel.

–Sharon Giles