New Art Calendar for 2017 – order now

Every year I publish a new Art Calendar with my latest work using the high-quality publishing program on For the last few years I have been including my poetry — in 2016 I even included poetry from Middleton family members. This year it’s back to just art, since the writing muse has deserted me (temporarily I hope.)

This year I’m including watercolor and acrylic paintings, plus collage mixed media incorporating my Suminagashi prints (paper marbling with ink floating on water). The watercolor work includes my negative painting experiments, and the acrylic, my “folk art” phase — launched when I participated in the Irving Art Association’s folk art exhibits.

To purchase on, click here. The price is $17 for a 12-month standard size calendar. You may also preview the calendar art there.

Cover; more of the art included:

January Free Classes in Acrylic Printmaking

Free Basic Classes in Acrylic Printmaking with a Gelli Plate

January 5, 12 & 26, 2017 7-9 pm (Thursday evenings) at the Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, Irving TX.  Register Now!

Learn printmaking without a press:  Explore this fascinating new tool to create prints or the start for a painting…

And put the fun back into your art! If you’re perfectionistic or have a fear of making a wrong mark or ruining a piece of art paper, gelli printing will definitely remove it. You will make lots of art! And it will be messy, but fun.

Basic supplies will be provided. (Acrylic paint, paper, brayer, water container, spray bottle, Gelli Plate, stencils, masks, paper towels and other tools.) (Sorry, you don’t get to keep the supplies, just the results.) If you have a gel or gelli plate and brayer, please bring those. If you wish to bring additional supplies, you can. (Stencils, masks, mark-making tools, paper and your favorite colors of acrylics in any brand.) Bring an apron or wear grunge clothes.

For information on Gelli Arts Plates, see or for Gel Press Plates, see You can also make your own — see my article at Plus there are many videos on gelli printing on YouTube.